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Uncertainty and Measurement Assurance for Accredited Labs

The requirements of Guide 25, and now standard 17025, specify two important concepts: calculation of measurement uncertainty (and best measurement capability), and assuring the quality of measurement results.

Together, the realization of these two principles cause more problems for labs seeking accreditation than all other requirements combined. They require some smart metrology, some simple statistics, and a lot of new ways of thinking and new learning for nearly everyone.

During this one-day course, you will learn the basic principles of measurement assurance and how they support both calculation of uncertainty and in-service (intermediate) checking of the measurement process. Through lectures, discussion, and exercises, the details of how to perform these tests, experiments, and calculations will be explained and practiced.


The basic concepts of measurement uncertainty
Statistical background
Influence quantities and how they add up
Calculating influences: Types A and B
Computing standard uncertainty. Determining the repeatability of a measurement

  • Separating and quantifying measurement influences
  • Measurement process capability and studies
  • Control of the measurement process
  • Control charts, in-service checks, and uncertainty calculations

Who should attend?

Metrologists and measurement engineers
Technical and quality managers
Senior calibration technicians
Measurement system designers and specifiers
Anyone who needs to manage measurement and calibration processes
Potential candidates for the ASQ Calibration Technician Certification


Basic algebra, experience with measurements and calibration

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