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ASQ CCT Exam Refresher, Body of Knowledge Courses, much more!
ASQ Certification Courses and Refreshers

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) offers certificates in thirteen areas: Calibration Technician, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Quality Auditor, Reliability Engineer, Software Quality Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Biomedical Auditor, HACCP Auditor, Improvement Associate, Quality Technician, and Mechanical Inspector.

Philip G. Stein, Consultants, offers extensive knowledge training and exam preparation in most areas.

Each ASQ exam is based on a defined and published body of knowledge (BoK). We offer two types of training in each category: BoK courses and Certification Refreshers. A BoK course introduces the new student in the field to the body of knowledge and prepares him or her to be a practitioner and for further study. A refresher course is designed for the person who works in the quality field and already has experience with the concepts and principles covered by the certification. It prepares students to sit for and pass the ASQ certification exam. In some cases, these are combined. In other cases, both are required regardless of the degree of preparation of the student. The courses we offer are:

Certified Calibration Technician BoK and Refresher (both in one course)
Basic Statistics for Quality Engineering: BOK course, prerequisite for CQE Refresher
Certified Quality Engineer Refresher
Certified Quality Auditor BoK and Refresher (both in one course)
Certified Reliability Engineer Refresher (no BoK at this time - contact us)
Certified Quality Manager BoK
Certified Quality Manager Refresher
Certified Software Quality Engineer BoK
Certified Software Quality Engineer Refresher
Certified Quality Technician BoK
Certified Quality Technician Refresher
Certified Mechanical Inspector BoK
Certified Mechanical Inspector Refresher
Certification Exam Preparation and Strategy

Each course requires 24 contact hours and the students will need to spend at least the same amount of time on homework. Typically, the courses are run for three hour sessions once per week for eight weeks. The cost for any course is $875 per session plus $100 per student for materials. In the case where travel requirements makes a weekly offering impractical, any course may be delivered in three full-day sessions separated by at least a week, or in one three-day marathon (but that leaves no time for homework or for absorbtion of the course content).

Certification Exam Preparation and Strategy
This is a one-day crash course designed to prepare a qualified student to take and pass any ASQ certification exam. Topics include exam strategy, types and forms of questions to expect, what materials to bring to the exam, and how to correctly read and interpret exam questions. The same topics are included in the curriculum of all of our Refresher courses. A few questions from each certification will be covered. Instructors for each course will hold a current ASQ certification in the topic and will have at least ten years experience teaching the subject.

ASQ CCT Exam Refresher, Body of Knowledge Courses, much more!

The newest ASQ certificate is CCT - the Certified Calibration Technician. This exam is intended for professional and paraprofessional practitioners in test and calibration laboratories - both labs that are part of a company's internal services and those that serve the public.

For more information about the Calibration Technician certification process, first go to the Measurement Quality Division's CCT web site

Full information about the body of knowledge and how to sign up to sit for this exam may be obtained from the ASQ CCT Web Site.

All of our certification and refresher courses use student material produced by the Quality Council of Indiana .

For the CCT exam, The Quality Council CCT Primer was authored by Philip Stein.

See the top of this page for information about courses offered or e-mail us. See the contact page to find out how.